(Season Finale) BBK/BRNK Streaming Review: Episodes 11 & 12

Screenshot 2016-04-02 20.49.18.png

BBK/BRNK has come to a close, for the time being, and has actually left me quite excited about the prospects of where it could go in the future.

Picking up exactly where episode 10 left off, these episodes conclude the cast’s time on Treasure Island.

Going out with a bang, quite literally, these two episodes were an action packed finale that did a lot to make the series better than it has ever been before. It also does a lot to set up the character dynamics for the next season.

From the fights between the Russian team, Shizuru and Azuma, to the sudden, and violent, appearance of Entei and Reoko at the end of episode 11, there were a lot of well-constructed and exciting action sequences.

We got Azuma taking down the Russian Heart, Akihito and Zetsubi destroying nuclear warheads being fired at Treasure Island, a violent fight between Reoko and Oubu, and some utterly disgusting flashback violence.

Actually, the flashback that takes up a large portion of episode 12 was probably the best thing about these two episodes.

Finally divulging Reoko’s background with Migiwa and the reason for her hatred, it’s honestly hard not to side with her.

From being forcibly cursed to become Entei’s replacement heart, to being locked up for eight years by Migiwa, there was no reason for Reoko to turn out sane at all.

The fact that her crusade starts as an attempt to once again end war in the world, after all the other Buranki hearts stopped beating, only makes her progression more tragic as we reach the climax of the season.

Despite that, these two episodes suffered from the biggest issue that the series has had all along: character consistency.

Almost every single teammate of Reoko’s goes through a change in motivation as we delve into their leader’s background, and it reinforces the ridiculous amount of whiplash that characters have gone through in this story.

It also tries too hard to make Migiwa sympathetic through the usage of a short scene between her and Azuma where she requests that he save Reoko.

After all she had done to her friend, and the utter selfishness that she had displayed throughout all of episode 12’s flashbacks, it doesn’t feel earned; although I would hope that, if the writers would delve into it, they explore this fact in the next season through Azuma’s sister.

Overall, this was a great conclusion, but was hampered by the same issues that BBK/BRNK has faced since it started. I am, however, excited to see how things are handled in the next season, and cannot wait to find out how Azuma intends to save Reoko amidst the horrors that are about to be unleashed.

Episode 11 Rating: 8.5/10

Episode 12 Rating: 7.5/10

BBK/BRNK streams exclusively on Crunchyroll.


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