Fog Alchemist’s Ten Most Anticipated Series of Spring 2016

We’re just a few weeks away from the start of the Spring 2016 anime season. And with that, comes a slew of new series for us to watch.

In my case, there are 10 in particular that have me excited. So, here’s my top 10 most anticipated series of the upcoming season.


  1. Twin Star Exorcists


Based upon the manga of the same name, this charming, albeit relatively cliché, series is one of the more fun action series to come out of Shonen Jump in recent years (although, I’m holding out hope that Black Clover will get added as an anime soon). Following Rokuro and Benio as they learn they are fated to marry, the series has been a great read so far, and I’m looking forward to what they do with the anime adaptation.

  1. Flying Witch


Returning to a genre that J.C. Staff does exceptionally well, Flying Witch is based upon a slice-of-life manga of the same name and is looking like it’ll put good use to the studio’s talents. With the almost tranquil feel, and the fact that it reminds me of Kiki’s Delivery Service, this one is looking like it’ll be a great and comforting watch in the new season.

  1. Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto


This is one of the weirder manga that I’ve read recently. It takes a character that fulfills all of the character aspects that bother people, Sakamoto’s pretty much perfect, and satires it in a way that makes it quite funny and a whole lot of fun. The fact that Studio Deen, fresh off of their unexpected success with KonoSuba, is behind this is actually exciting for once. If they’ve proven anything, it’s that they know how to handle offbeat comedy; something this series if excitingly full of.

  1. Ace Attorney


If you haven’t heard of this charmingly quirky series of games for Nintendo’s handhelds, you really need to give some time to them. Following Phoenix Wright, an attorney, as he goes through offbeat case after offbeat case, the games are some of the best adventure/mystery titles available on the market. The fact that we’re getting an anime for it has me more excited than I can even begin to describe. Seriously keep an eye out for this A-1 Pictures production.

  1. Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu


Among all the “arrive in a fantasy world” stories that have been popping up over the past few years, this one is one of the most fascinating. For that reason, the fact that we’re receiving an anime adaptation is extremely exciting. With a protagonist who has a Groundhog Day style of ability, and an extremely big mystery building around the world he finds himself in, everything is in place for a compelling fantasy series in the same vein as Grimgar and KonoSuba; save for the fact that it takes itself seriously and treats everything as less of a game. Definitely one to be excited about.

  1. Macross Delta


Despite some issues being reported from the preview screening of the first episode back at the start of the year, nothing can truly stop the hype train for the first new entry in the Macross franchise since 2008’s Macross Frontier. As one of my favourite sci-fi series, the Macross franchise is close to my heart, so this is definitely something that I’ve been eagerly anticipating since it was announced. Now that it’s almost here, it’s time to truly get excited about where we’re going next in this universe.

  1. Ushio and Tora 2


The second half of one of 2015’s best series would definitely sit high up on any list I make. And that’s exactly what Ushio and Tora 2 is doing. Continuing on towards the finale of the manga, the next 13 episodes will take us from where we left off in December all the way to the climactic battle against Hakumen no Mono. It’s probably the most exciting sequel we’ll be getting this year at the rate things are going, and it definitely deserves its spot.

  1. Bungou Stray Dogs


I have a confession to make. If you take real authors, and turn them into heroic figures of some form or another, you’ll have my full attention and willingness to read/watch your series. That was my reaction to James A. Owen’s Imaginarium Geographica series, and that’s also my reaction to this one. Taking a group of Japanese authors and making them into supernatural detectives is brilliant. Add in what’s looking like some amazing animation courtesy of Bones, and the directorial talents of Takuya Igarashi (the man behind Star Driver and Captain Earth) and this one has me really excited to see how it turns out.

  1. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


Take one of the most familiar post-apocalyptic scenarios, the same one used by Attack on Titan, give it to that anime’s studio and have the characters designed by the same persona as the original Macross and you’ve got one of the most gorgeous looking series coming next season. The fact that the plot sounds fascinating, the music sounds amazing, and the animation shown in the trailers is gorgeous and I see little reason not to be hyped.

  1. My Hero Academia


The big one; the one that is quite possibly on track to becoming the new shonen obsession for thousands of people: My Hero Academia. With the superhero phenomenon at an all-time high, this series is launching into the right environment to be a break out success. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also one of the top manga series currently being published. Honestly, if there’s one series this year that has all the potential to be a breakout success in the way that Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan were, it’s this one.


This is my list, so what series are everyone looking forward to next season? Sound off in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Fog Alchemist’s Ten Most Anticipated Series of Spring 2016

    1. The manga is definitely really good. While I enjoy Black Clover and My Hero Academia more when it comes to action shonen series recently, this one deserves a lot of praise.

      It reminds me of D.Gray-man’s take on exorcists, while simultaneously giving a pretty decent story. Definitely looking forward to the anime for this one myself.

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