Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Streaming Review: Episode 10

Screenshot 2016-03-17 00.14.28.png

With this episode everything is back on track for Grimgar artistically and story wise.

It doesn’t hurt that Ranta is finally called out on some of his garbage either. Sure, the end result of it isn’t exactly what we may have been awaiting, but it was great to see the episode tackle this issue.

It’s the same thing with Haruhiro’s issues now that he’s the leader of the party. As they delve into the Cyrene Mines, his issues with Ranta come to the forefront, both to develop Ranta as a character further and to force Haruhiro to look at how he’s dealing with the team at this point in time.

It leads to an interesting interaction between the two youths, and despite feeling like it was working far too hard to build up more weaknesses for Haruhiro and simultaneously justifying Ranta’s behaviour the scene works. With it mainly being used to build up Haruhiro’s doubts for what will undoubtedly be the climax of the series (or season, as I’m hoping they’ll decide to do more for this one), it’ll be interesting to see how this pays off.

However, we weren’t only treated to some much needed interaction between the two. We were also given plenty of set up for what could be a pretty intense climax.

With the Kobolds providing an interesting change of combat from the goblins that they spent all their time fighting in the previous nine episodes, it was great to see how far these characters have come from barely being able to kill a single goblin to now.

The fact that they can manage three levels of the mines without suffering any issues is impressive and makes things more thrilling than they had been in the past.

In fact, the animation managed to get itself back on track this episode to make these sequences look great.  With spell effects and combat animated fluidly, and the characters all staying on model this episode, everything looked great.

Overall this episode was quite enjoyable. We got some much needed interaction between Haruhiro and Ranta, and we’re now closing in on a conflict with Mary’s personal, literal, demon. The next episode is definitely going to be an interesting one.

Episode 10 Rating: 8.5/10

Grimgar streams new episodes Sundays exclusively on Funimation.


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