Brief Site Update: March 12, 2016


Hello everyone.

So, I’m writing this brief site update to state that there will be no ERASED review this week. Due to the contents of the episode, I’m going to be waiting until next week to review episodes 10 and 11 together. I’ve got some strong opinions on the way the story seems to be going, and so I’d like to compile them all together into one post. So please look forward to that.

Other than that brief review update, I would also like to announce that I’m looking for suggestions for a new, monthly, column.

I’m calling it Adaptive Struggles and it will be focused on adaptations of light novels, manga, novels, etc. So, if there’s a newly airing, or already completed, TV show, film, or anime please feel free to send me a suggestion.

I’m planning on doing one of these columns each month, which will focus on the differences and possible solutions to the struggles certain adaptations go through.

For the first column I’m planning to cover the anime series Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle, but after that I’m open to suggestions. I can’t promise they’ll all be used, but I’d like to know what ones people would like to see.

Please just do not suggest The Asterisk War. Having been going through the source material before the anime started, there’s really not much to discuss on that one and I’m really not interested in rewatching season one.


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