ERASED Streaming Review: Episode 8

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Without a doubt, this was the best episode of ERASED so far.

Starting with the incident on the bus introduced at the end of last episode, we’re thankfully spared any horrors as Kayo manages to not be kidnapped, and the killer leaves in a fit of anger.

From there, things progress through yet another day of Kayo remaining in hiding, only this time with Satoru’s mother hinting towards how much she’s aware of what is going on.

Actually, the real hero this episode was definitely Satoru’s mother. On top of everything, she seemed to know exactly what was going on and was there to welcome Kayo into her home when Satoru brought her back after discovering what had happened on the bus.

If I could only focus on one point of this wonderful episode, it would definitely be Satoru’s mother and all she does.

However, there was a lot more going on and it’s all looking like it’ll build up towards an immensely interesting conclusion in the coming weeks.

For starters, Yashiro is shown, alongside child services, attempting to get a hold of Kayo’s mother. He’s also shown to have some knowledge of what the children were up to, as he asserts that Kayo is most definitely safe to the child service employees.

It’s interesting as it both ups the suspicion that he could be the killer, as he seems to be the only one who fits the age range and build for the councillor in Satoru’s present day, but at the same time contradicts that as he seems to be genuinely worried about Kayo’s safety.

It makes me wonder if there’s someone we have yet to discover who fits the bill as the killer, or if there’s some important clue that’s been missed in earlier episodes. It’s a sign that this mystery is working out really well so far.

Once again this episode also manages to provide some wonderful scenes for Kayo, all acted out spectacularly by Aoi Yuki, as she is presented with a far different lifestyle to the one she grew up with. Even after the multiple times she’s been present around others and the joint birthday party for her and Satoru, she was still uncomfortable around his mother. It leads to one of the multiple stand out scenes for her this episode as she cringes in fear of being struck only to receive gentleness from a mother for the, possibly, first time in her life.

Add in the bath scene, which provided some humour on Satoru’s end, and the breakfast scene, as she broke out into tears over receiving a genuine breakfast for what could possibly be the first time ever – by the way guys, we get that Kayo’s mother is a horrible person, you don’t need to keep hitting us with it at every moment, this part really hurt – and we start to see a slow shift in her.

It all comes to a head in the wonderful cliffhanger for this episode. Making this one an episode full of victories for once, rather than the failures that Satoru had been experiencing recently.

Overall, this episode of ERASED is a stand out episode and a great example of why this series is so good. Emotionally strong, while also deepening the mystery, it was a fantastic addition to the series and hopefully the last quarter of the series can hold up as well as this.

Episode 8 Rating: 10/10

ERASED streams new episodes Thursdays on Funimation and Crunchyroll.


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