BBK/BRNK Streaming Review: Episode 7

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Welcome back Reoko, without you this show has truly suffered.

With the return of our, supposed, main antagonist, BBK/BRNK manages to pick itself back up again with a genuinely exciting episode that does a lot to set the stage for the remainder of the season.

While still far from perfect, this episode managed to make the most of what this series has set up to provide a really engaging conflict between the headless Buranki and Reoko’s Entei. With a single minded determination, Reoko goes ballistic on the Buranki, utilizing Entei’s head as a weapon to repeatedly smash the enemy.

Through this, as well as an earlier scene where Oubu’s left arm gets torn off, we see that the bearers of a Buranki’s heart suffer the damage that is dealt to their machines. It’s an interesting idea, and one that I’m hoping to see explored more as the series continues; despite the fact that they seem to have closed that line off within this episode.

Due to the user suffering damage, Reoko pretty much looks to bring herself to the brink of death before Zetsubi manages to convince Azuma and his team to lend their Bubuki to form Entei’s limbs. From there the fight becomes a one-sided mess in Entei’s favour.

All of this is animated beautifully. If there’s one thing that CGI anime almost always seem to get right, it would be bombastic fight scenes like this. From start to finish the action in this episode flowed smoothly and just looked good. The sound effects were also outstanding; in particular the grinding of metal on metal whenever Entei attacked the Buranki was vicious and wonderful.

For an action series, this episode would usually be top notch. And in many cases it was. However, the awkward pacing of the exposition segments, as well as the continuing mediocre feeling that surrounds pretty much all of our protagonists, save for Kinoa and Shizuru, don’t help this episode much.

Thankfully, the introduction of a possibly new character, my suspicion is that we’re finally going to see Azuma’s sister, at the end of the episode (watch after the credits) and the group’s continued journey to Treasure Island, this time with a little more of a direction to head, all make up for the weaker portions of this episode.

Overall, the seventh episode of BBK/BRNK has managed to make it feel exciting again. And with the introduction of a new character, I can only hope that the remaining episodes will stay on this upward turn.

Episode 7 Rating: 8/10

BBK/BRNK streams new episode Saturdays exclusively on Crunchyroll.


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