ERASED Streaming Review: Episode 7

Screenshot 2016-02-20 15.48.41.png

Continuing its streak of being pretty much the best anime currently airing, ERASED has provided yet another intense episode.

Picking up with Satoru being taken away by the police, he begs for one last chance to change things and make them right. Receiving his wish, he finds himself back in the museum only a couple of days before Hinazuki’s death during the previous revival; this time with more determination than ever to make sure that she survives.

Satoru’s newfound determination and recklessness also leads him to taking the lessons gained in his present, and applying them to his actions in the past. Opening up to Kenya, and including him on his mission to save Hinazuki, as well as doing his best to free Yuuki from becoming the “culprit” for the deaths showcase a change in Satoru that wasn’t present during his first revival in this time period.

Actually it’s not just his lessons from his present that help to kick Satoru into high gear. Through a wonderfully animated scene between him and Kenya, his friend manages to call him out on his actions, and worm his way into Satoru’s trust as someone who can help him protect Hinazuki. As we are still unaware of who the killer is, this scene doubles as a possible final strike against Satoru’s attempts, and leaves the whole episode with a feeling of both hope and dread that clashes spectacularly.

The fact that they manage to get Hinazuki to some form of safety, preserving her life for another day, only adds to this as we’re presented with the haunting cliffhanger that this episode ends on.

However, as this is so late into the series, it’s not just these character moments that stand out. At this point, many, possibly inane, comments and actions from earlier episodes are starting to payoff.  It’s making the latter half of this series absolutely exciting to see where it will go.

Overall, this was another top notch episode for ERASED. While I’m still horribly worried about how things will turn out for everyone in the long run, theories are now going to be put to the test, and the overall show is going to be going into overdrive now. I honestly cannot wait to see how it’ll all end.

Episode 7 Rating: 9.5/10

ERASED streams new episodes Thursdays on Crunchyroll and Funimation.


So, I am well aware that this was a slightly shorter review. However, I intend to do another piece on my theories for the upcoming episodes of ERASED (I have not read the manga, and refuse to until after the anime has finished). Look forward to that before the next episode airs, and proves me mostly wrong!


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