BBK/BRNK Streaming Review: Episode 6

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After last week’s episode, I wasn’t honestly expecting much from this week’s. However, much to my pleasure, BBK/BRNK decided to remind me why it was worth watching in the first place. Picking up right where episode five left off, with the start of the Bubuki battle between Hiiragi and Zetsubi, this episode was a fast paced blend of short backstory segments and intense fight scenes.

With two of Reoko’s subordinates getting in on the Bubuki battle this episode, there’s a more deft handling of the fight scenes compared to last episode’s drawn out, and quite boring, clash between Kinoa and Arabashiri. Instead, both of the fights, and their accompanying flashbacks, manage to pack more of a punch due to the tighter time frame, and more interesting fights.

That said, Hiiragi and Zetsubi’s fight does suffer from some of the same mistakes as the one last episode, making it the weaker of the two segments. Zetsubi’s weapon being a pocket watch, which lets her manipulate a few seconds of time in her immediate area, does not make for an interesting opponent. More so when all the fight consists of is a lot of Hiiragi jumping around and discovering that he destroyed an after-image. It doesn’t fly in shonen battel series for me anymore, and it definitely doesn’t fly here.

It also doesn’t help that Hiiragi has yet to really become an interesting enough character to feel for his frustration and refusal to give up. Even Azuma in his most “wet blanket” moments is a more interesting character than the group’s so-called “leader.” That doesn’t mean they don’t try to make up for Hiiragi’s lack of characterization, attempting to justify his behaviour through his personal flashback to his father, but all they provide is reaffirmation that they’re just playing around with a major cliché.

However, while Hiiragi’s fight was far from outstanding, the fight between Shizuru and Akihito was brilliant. The fact that there was even a deeper personal connection between the two helped as well. Seeing as Akihito is her uncle, it introduces a change in dynamics compared to the other fights, and lends itself to a furious battle that more than makes up for the let-down of the other one.

Overall, BBK/BRNK episode six was a step up from last week. With a thrilling battle and some interesting backstories for one of the two characters, and the plot actually moving past the Bubuki battle, means that we’re going to be in for a new change of pace next week. It’ll be interesting to see where the series goes in the second half, especially seeing as, so far, we’ve only covered two hours of time (real time) from Azuma’s return to Japan in episode one.

Episode 6 Rating: 7/10

BBK/BRNK streams new episodes Saturdays exclusively on Crunchyroll.


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