ERASED Streaming Review: Episode 6

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ERASED is right back on track after a lull in quality last week. Putting a lot of effort into deepening the mystery, while also developing the characters more in the present day, this episode was definitely one of the best this series has put out so far.

Picking up exactly where episode five left off, with the explosive fire in Airi’s home, this episode puts a lot of focus on Satoru spending time working through his own self-doubt over what’s occurring, as well as Airi’s personal investment in the matter.

While the previous episode already revealed the reason why she is so trusting of Satoru, and believes that he did not kill his mother, this episode spends time reinforcing that as she finds herself continually troubled by the lack of belief that the police or media have in her words.

It’s an interesting parallel to what was occurring during the previous murders 18 years earlier where Satoru’s testimony in defense of Yuuki was ignored in favour of the evidence that could be found against him, as well as the testimonies of other children. The fact that this is revealed to be the murderer’s method of operation only helps to deepen the mystery of who this person is. It also makes the attack on Airi, who is obviously being just as targeted as those in the past, more sinister; leading all the way back to Satoru’s revival experience at the grocery store with his mother and Airi.

Other than a deepening to the mystery, we’re also presented with some more characterization of both Satoru and Airi. Mainly stemming from the final scenes of the episode, before Satoru is arrested, we see how much this means to Airi and how determined she is to help him. It’s all presented flawlessly and really nails the emotion. It makes Satoru’s attempts at giving her some peace of mind as he’s being taken away all the more impactful.

It’s not only the present that we’re given more of an insight into this episode, as we’re also given some details about what actually happened to Kayo in this new timeline. It’s disgusting and horrible, and it adds a layer of dread to everything going on as Satoru continues to try to clear his name and reveal the true culprit.

Add in some more detail on the death of his friend, whose girlish appearance turned him into a target as well, and something sick is going on behind the scenes.

Overall, the team at A1 Pictures did a great job on this episode. All of the technical pieces came together wonderfully to provide one of the best episodes I’ve seen this season. Now with Satoru in the hands of the police, it’ll be interesting to see whether another revival occurs, giving him yet another chance to change things before they go so horribly wrong. Next week cannot come soon enough at this rate.

Episode 6 Rating: 9.5/10

ERASED streams new episodes Thursdays on Crunchyroll and Funimation.


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