BBK/BRNK Streaming Review: Episode 5

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Well, it looks like BBK/BRNK has little to no idea of what it’s even trying to do anymore. With another Bubuki battle taking centre stage this episode, and a last minute twist that just seems to come out of nowhere, I’m definitely not sure about this series’ direction anymore.

With the battle focused on Kinoa, we finally get to see her backstory, and far from the tragic backstories of many of our other characters, hers was intrinsically linked with her opponent: Arabashiri Souya. To its credit, her backstory is actually quite interesting, presenting her as a person who had little desire to get involved in the conflicts between Bubuki users before meeting Arabashiri.

Him saving her from a group of police officers was the start of her path towards the person she is in the present episodes, but the heavy implications of underage sex between her and this much older man really threw me off and made the rest of the backstory seem a little weird. It’s an interesting move to take, though, as most series shy away from the fact that this occurs, but this one did little to deny or support the immediate thought of what Arabashiri’s words meant. It makes it more disgusting as he is portrayed as a total lecher throughout the episode.

The action this episode was also kind of bland. After the intensity of the fight between Kogane and Matobai, Kinoa’s random bursts of action, before being sent back into her memories, was horribly paced and in many ways visually unappealing.

Actually, a lot of this episode was just visually unappealing. Whether it was Hiiragi and Azama’s attempts to secure Ouma after the cords holding it in place on the train start to snap, or the final reveal of the next member of the four gods, nothing this episode looked spectacular compared to the earlier episodes.

It was honestly a little bit of a chore to get through this very talky fight episode. Even with some of the new information about Bubuki and the fact that they need to remain near their masters, which explains the reason for Matobai’s pistol and Arabashiri’s ring, this episode couldn’t really salvage itself.

Overall, BBK/BRNK is starting to really dip in quality. After slowing itself down, it returned to the high octane battles last episode, yet felt the need to present its newest battle as a slower affair. Hopefully next episode returns to the high octane and visually appealing feel of earlier episodes.

Episode 5 Rating: 5/10

BBK/BRNK streams new episodes Saturdays exclusively on Crunchyroll.


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