Short Bio + What is this site for?

Hello readers,

My name is Caleb, and I am going to start off this blog with a little introduction to myself, as well as the purpose that I’ve put together this blog for. So, let’s begin.

This is me in a picture taken while volunteering for Samaritan’s Purse last Christmas.

I am nearly 21-years-old (currently 20 until the middle of October), and am a student at the SAIT Polytechnic journalism program.  I am also a graduate of SAIT’s new media program. My goals in life are to become a published writer (both novelist and journalist), as well as a game designer. Both have been things I’ve wanted to do since I was really young, and they have helped shape a lot of my choices when it comes to work, and schooling.

In my free time I enjoy writing, playing games, watching a wide variety of multimedia (primarily anime, British television and films), listening to music and reading.  All of these free time activities have helped to shape the direction I wish to take my career and this blog.

Now this blog, Fog Alchemist’s Atelier, is my attempt at providing myself with a freedom, which my classes do not fully provide, to talk about topics that interest me, as well as further improve my journalistic capabilities.

For that reason, this blog will focus on topics related to gaming, anime/manga, TV/Film, comics, as well as writing and novels. All of these topics will provide me with a chance to discuss what I’m passionate about, and share that passion with those on the internet.

So, I hope that this blog turns out to be an enjoyable one, and I will speak to everyone in the next post.


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